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  5. "Tulikimbiliana"


Translation:We ran to each other

November 6, 2018



Could we have run "with" each other instead?


nope, that would change the meaning. 'we ran with each other' would be 'tulikimbia pamoja'. 'Kimbilia' means 'run to'

'kimbiliana' is the verb conjugation 'kutendana' (mirrored actions) i.e. I ran to him/her and he/she ran to me


Thanks! That helps!


Is the fact that they ran all the way to one another implicit in the verb, or would "We ran towards one another" also be a possible translation?


Kukimbilia is the prepositional form* of kukimbia. Since the verb ends with a double vowel, one has to insert -li- (or -le-) before the final -a. (and just -i- or -e- in verbs ending with a single vowel).

Googling for 'kimbilia', I found this example:

Wakati wa vita, Wanyrwanda wengi walikimbilia Tanzania

During the war, many Rwandans ran (fled) to Tanzania

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