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Changes to Duolingo for Schools: Levels and Course Progress

Hello teachers! Just a quick note that you may notice some changes when using Duolingo in your classrooms. Relating to levels, you may now notice that instead of seeing "Get to level 1 of [skill]" assignments now say, "Level up [skill]".

Additionally, course progress will look different now, too. When looking at your students' progress the checkmark now means your student reached level 5 and earlier levels will look like colored pie charts of progress.

If you have questions about these features or anything else, please let us know! You may always ask questions here of Duolingo users, volunteer forum moderators and staff, or you can reach us directly at teachers@duolingo.com with all Schools-related inquiries.

November 6, 2018



I have assigned a skill with seven lessons and some of my students only completed three of the lessons but it says their assignment is complete and on my page it says it is complete as well. When I click on a student it says they completed only 3 out of 7, and as the date it says N/A and it still shows that it is complete. Does anyone know what is going on with that?


It would still be nice to see the date and time stamp of completion instead of having to check each student individually. As a teacher who uses this as an assignment, having to check 170 students individually, take a lot of time. Can the date and time stamp be noted also in the course progress again?


That is SO EXCITING that we can now choose a skill and assign it to them, thereby unlocking it. This makes using Duolingo so much more useful as a supplement to a scholastic course. I have been asking for this feature since the conception of Duolingo for schools. Please thank Duolingo admin and engineers for listening to our voices! Thank you! ¡Gracias! Grazie! Merci! Obrigado! Danke! Etc. =D


By the way, KatyCatz, I know you are a liasion and I don't know how else to communicate with you. This is not related to the above post, so I will delete it when you answer. Could you please have a look at these posts and possibly bring admin's attention to the issue? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29650839 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29642698 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29602057 Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!


I'll answer here, too:

We actually choose not to discuss how the algorithm functions regarding popular posts because it can encourage spammers to game the system. Not a fun or terribly insightful answer, but that's in an effort to keep our forums clean. Thanks for understanding!

You may always reach teachers@duolingo.com to communicate directly with the Support staff.


I do see jairapetyan's point. At the moment the algorithm in question is an equal-opportunity algorithm - nobody is happy with which posts are at the top of the "popular" tab, spammers or legit users.


There's always room for improvement regarding the forums. I can certainly send feedback to our internal team if anyone wants to make suggestions. But I cannot share the details of how the algorithm currently works because it would make the forums vulnerable to spam attacks.


Fair enough about sharing the algorithm.

I think the feedback I'd want sent is pretty much as jairapetyan has said - posts at the top of the popular page often only have 10 or 20 upvotes, whereas sometimes a post with more than 100 don't appear there. Simply, the popular posts aren't the ones that appear on the popular tab.


Thanks so much for your response, KatyCatz. I wasn't really wanting to know the algorithm (it was a rhetorical question) but rather would like to suggest that it be improved. I understand that might not be an easy fix for the engineers. Some of the requisites might be that the post has, say, 15 upvotes... or ten comments... or perhaps that the words "I" and "my" do not appear in the title... those are just a few suggestions. The gist of it is that we users would like to see interesting threads under the "popular" tab, and we'd like them to be there so that admin will notice and read them too. How about having an employee check the general (Duolingo in English) forum manually? If you could get somebody to spend five minutes each hour tweaking it, what an improvement there could be! Or give that task to a trusted moderator? Just some ideas.


Why does it appear that a lesson has been completed when I check a particular student‘s assignments, but when I view it in course progress and activity detail, it doesn’t show that they did any work on those assigned skills? I believe my students have discovered some hacks.


I too am grappling with these seeming inconsistencies across the different data pages that we have access to as teachers.

I am confusing myself and my poor students :(


That's great, thanks :)

If I set "level up [skill]" for a group of students, will it set appropriate tasks for them all if they're on different levels?


If you create a level up assignment for a particular skill, it will require all students to complete a level in that skill. If they have already finished 2 levels, that will mean they need to complete the third level for the assignment to count as completed, which includes more sessions and more difficult challenge types. If the skill is locked or hasn't been started yet, it will be unlocked and they will just need to finish the first level.


What happens if you assign a skill that a student has already reached level 5 in? When they have free choice, some students choose to expand to as many different skills as possible and other students choose to level certain skills up as high as possible, so I expect that this could be an issue at some point.


When do you think we will be able to copy assignments to multiple class?


As an EAL teacher in a classroom of mixed home languages, I have to run (at least) 4 "classrooms" for my one class. It would be IDEAL if I could combine them into a single classroom all working on their separate English courses, but if this can't be achieved, at least being able to copy assignments to multiple classes would be a game-changer.


Hi there, I came to the forum hoping that this would be here, and it is! My students (and I) have been freaking out a bit recently because homework that they say they have done is showing up as "missed" on my class results page. I'm actually not sure what "reaching level 5" entails. Students have shown me the lesson I assigned as being completed, and they have a gold crown next to the lesson, but it still says "0/4 lessons completed". I'm very confused! Does the crown mean they have attempted, but not mastered that lesson? Either way, the new rules need to be explained both to us as teachers, and to the students in the e-mail they receive. Best, James [Lecturer in Tokyo]


I see this was from six months ago, so January. Maybe that was when they still were giving quite a lot of XP for leveling up using the test out option? There was a glitch for awhile when they started giving you only 20 XP for testing out.


No this issue still persists.


After the new changes, I am still having issues with accurate activity completion. If a student has already completed a skill before I assign it to the class, then the student has to complete the next crown level before it will be marked as completed for them (I hope I explained that clearly). On the other hand, students who complete an assigned skill within the due date only have to complete one crown level, whereas students who work ahead end up having to complete extra crown levels. I would like to encourage my students to work ahead without them feeling penalized for doing so. Logging out and logging back in has not helped.


As KatyCatz says above, the way the assignments work now is that if you assign a skill to a class, each student has to gain one more crown level on that skill from wherever they are now. If they haven't yet completed that skill they'll have to do so, and if they're on level three they'll have to get to level four.

Your least worst solution at the moment is simply to tell your students to ignore the assignment if they're already at level 1.

...or to go with Duolingo's approach. If your students have worked ahead, then good for them. If they now get that skill up to the next level, then they'll have done more revision on that skill, and gained more proficiency.


The problem is with grading. I am assigning skills and students who have already completed them in the past are not given credit for completing them. I have to look at each student's individual work history to see if they have done the activity or not. My solution for the future will be to assign skills far in advance, so that any student who completes them weeks ahead of time will still get credit.


So far my solution is to have students screenshot their mobile device or chromebook/laptop so I can see their progress and their profile icon (to try to verify it's them)

It's been working with little complaint from students. And out of 140 students I've only caught one student who's attempted to game the whole screenshot thing.

My students are honest and they are working, but I would love more clarity on which screens of data I should trust in Duolingo so hopefully kiddos can stop with all the screenshot.


I see missed assignments for some of my students yet when they login onto their accounts the assignments appear as completed and they cannot access them.


I request the same as JPAlbert for the same reason!! Please put the date and time stamp back in n the course progress view!


I agree with both of you! I teach using duolingo as a base so it makes it harder to grade when you have to check individual activity


When I assign a task and even though my pupils make it we get to see a red mark (task not done). I have to go to the log to make sure they did make it. It was easier before.


I have English Language Learners in other classes and I'd like to create a Duolingo for Schools account for them so they can learn English. However, if my other students are set to learn Spanish as English learners, how can I set my ENL students up so they can approach Duolingo from their first language in order to learn English. Do I need to make a separate Duolingo for Schools account for them?


You don't need to make a new account, no. You can just create another classroom.


The only classrooms that I can see are past classrooms. However, I get weekly reports from current classes. How can I access my current groups?


For some of my students, when I assign a topic, it does not unlock it. It will show up as an assignment on the side of their screen. We have tried logging off and on, and even though it shows on the assignment list, they can't click on the topic. Any solutions?


I have students who show "missed" on assignments but if I click on their activity log, it clearly shows they did it. I have 202 students. I would really, really like it if the data on my teacher page was accurate so I don't have to spend time checking individually. Do you have any advice / help for that problem?


Hello, @Sra_Mme. Apologies for the difficulty you're having with the activity log. By chance, have all of your students logged in recently? Students who have not logged back in since this update have not had their skills progress appear as updated. But it should update as soon as they log in again. I was troubleshooting with another teacher earlier and having their students log out and back in again seemed to fix the issue. Please contact teachers@duolingo.com for Duolingo For Schools support if you continue to have issues. Thank you!


This has been happening to me too with quite a few students. My students are using the app so should I have them update their app or log out and back in?


From KatyCatz's comment:

"having their students log out and back in again seemed to fix the issue."




I have had the same problem, it has improved some from last year but accuracy is not there. I will try having them log back in as you suggest.


This has happened to my students until I discovered that they gained XP points for the XP points gained assignments from the LABS (stories) rather than doing the activities from the homepage. Ask them where they got their points. Also, check that they are logging on correctly. If their homepage doesn't have a list of assignments posted, then they are not logged into their duolingo for schools account (they created a new account). Ask them what user name and password they are using and compare it to the one you have on file for them.


Can you help me understand the new colors? Formally, I saw students making progress when they earned a green circle with a white check mark inside. Just recently, they are earning blue circles, but no check marks. There are also red and yellow "pie" pieces. I'm not sure what the new colors indicate, and check marks seem to be gone...?


Hi there! Great question.

  1. Please make sure your students have all logged in recently as we have noticed that inactive students who have not logged out/in have not had their recent skill progress logged since this design update.

  2. The colors. The dots don't exactly represent completed assignments; they're for progress in Skills offered. When a green dot appears, it means that the student has finished all levels available under that specific assigned skill. So they have practiced every single lesson offered and have reached level 5. The other colors work like a pie chart and should show up if a student has done at least Level 1. A clear, or colorless circle means they have not begun to practice the assigned skill yet at all.

  3. Also, using your mouse and hovering over a circle will show level progress in a tooltip.

Let us know if you have any additional questions! You can always reach Duolingo's support staff with Duolingo For Schools questions at teachers@duolingo.com.


Thank you -- that's very helpful! I know about hovering the mouse over the circles, but now how do I interpret a comment like this, "3 0/9 finished?"


The student has finished 3 levels, and has done 0 of the 9 lessons required to finish the next level.


Great, thanks! And just one last question: do the colors mean anything? For example, there are yellow and red pie slices. Do the yellow and red signify something?


The colors on the pie chart correspond to the colors for levels in the skill tree. Blue for progress in the first level, green in the second, then red, orange, and gold.


I think it's weird that this post has been on duolingo for one week, and yet it only has 16 upvotes...


@Crazy: that may be because of the faulty algorithm that I complain about in my posts (see above), and also because it was posted in the 'Educators' forum, not the general forum.


It seemed like before the when I assigned a skill, the students have to do all the skill before it to be done. Now they can skip which is not what I want. I would like it to be more of a long term assignment. Has this changed recently?


as a student making a class I have no idea what I am doing can someone help me


"Duolingo for Schools" is for real teachers, in real schools, with real students. It is not for the general public, and the average person cannot benefit from it.


I agree and have taught very successfully using this program! It does require me to create my own resources but I love it as I see the fruits of my labor! Isn’t that why become teachers in the first place? Thank you Duolingo!!


I have seen my students advance using duolingo so I am very grateful for the use of the program. I think I can work with out the kinks on my own


Is there a way for students to merge profiles? I want my students to use the google login (because our district uses that account for most logins), but some of them already have old accounts. Thoughts?


I feel your pain, iceman. You'll just have to deal with the crazy names that they chose, and going forward, make sure to give all your new students explicit instructions that they HAVE to use their school accounts.


I noticed 9 months ago there were questions about why the students' screens show more course progress than the teacher report. I saw a comment about a missing level, but I have many students with no missing levels and many more completed lessons and levels than my teacher report shows. Why is there a difference? Is this a glitch? Why hasn't it been addressed and answered in this forum?


Hello fellow teachers!! I am adding to this discussion because I use the total XP for a week and varies from level to level. My kids have mentioned that the LABS (stories) don't count towards the XP that they have done for the week when I assign duolingo via duolingo classroom. It only counts towards those on the homepage. My students say they get into these activities more via stories rather than through the basics. I agree with them in which the story XP should count towards an weekly XP goal. Otherwise I have to do into each student individually, scroll through their login to see what they have done and email individually. When you have 130 students this is very time consuming. I also learned when I don't give an "assignment" I don't get a weekly report. Is there anyway we can change this sooner rather than later? I teach the advanced level classes and this is helpful for them as they like to see structures in context.


This has been reported as a bug, and is being worked on. Yay! For now, though, I suggest you have students send you a screenshot. I find that easier than clicking through the Duolingo classroom.


The course progress is not accurate. When I look at my students accounts it shows that they have more gold than the course progress shows me. They've tried logging out, reinstalling, etc. Nothing seems to help.


I have exactly the same problem. I have to check all my students one by one from their logs. Really time consuming!


The course I am teaching has changed from Low Intermediate to Beginning English (for Spanish native speakers). How do I change this?


Hey @Katycatz the way I understand your post to read is that on the 'Course progress' screen a checkmark means a student has reached level 5. This implies that the student has completed (or tested out of) all 25 lessons in a skill. Correct?

I'm just a little confused.

I'm wondering ....is there a graphic/screen of a generic 'Course progress' screen that is posted somewhere that has some arrows to the various colored pie charts and their meanings?

Also, I see discrepancies between 'Course progress' and information I see when I click onto a student's name on the general 'Students' page.

Example: On the 'Course progress' page I see 6 green circles with 6 checkmarks, yet when I click on the student's name on the 'Students' page I see: - Skill 'City' - 7 lessons - COMPLETED - Skill 'Restaurant' - 2 lessons - COMPLETED - Skill 'At work' - 5 lessons COMPLETED

Could you (or anyone) shed light on how I should be interpreting this info and which screen I should look at to make sure I'm getting the MOST ACCURATE info?

Thank you so much :) !!!! #ILoveDuolingo


A little deeper of a dive....

Example: - On the 'Course progress' page for the skill 'Travel 2' one of my students has a mostly red pie that is (approx) 1/5th orange. When I hover over the pie a pop-up message appears and it says "3 1/5 levels finished".

My gut tells me to read this as "Finished level 1, working in level 2. Currently on lesson 3 of level 2." Is that a correct interpretation....?

  • But then I return to 'Students'. I click into this student's page. The page loads. I find Travel 2. I click on it. The screen grays and a card appears in the center. On the left side of the card under 'Progress' it reads "1/5 lessons complete".

My gut now tells me that the kiddo only finished 1 lesson (of five) on just level 1.

How do I reconcile this information?


Why was the progression of the vocabulary changed over the summer? My students had reached a certain vocabulary level and then had to restart all over again due to the changes that were made over the summer 2018. I do not like the new progression.


Hi there! Sorry for any confusion. No one has lost any progress, nor has anyone needed to start over. The change is that we've added more lessons to offer a richer, more complex and thorough learning experience. So students have not been sent backwards, they have still accomplished all of same skills. We have just added new lessons and improved the courses to allow for a richer learning experience. It's a good thing! Now students can become more fluent. Please follow these links to some Duolingo Help articles that explain this a bit further: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002237192 https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002237152-What-are-Crown-Levels- https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002254671-Crowns-FAQ


please suggest me a classroom code for French language


It's a very bad idea to join someone's classroom unless they're already your teacher. It lets your teacher change your Duolingo password, see your email address, and disable your access to the forums and certain parts of certain skills.

The Duolingo for Schools system lets your teacher set you assignments, but it doesn't give you access to anything on Duolingo that you can't already get at. It isn't like an actual classroom - it isn't a place where someone can teach you.

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