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"Shimá hashkʼaan dóó bįįh yildeeʼį́ yį́yą́."

Translation:My mother is eating a banana and a cherry.

November 6, 2018



if she's eating 'a' banana, then she also has to be eating 'a' cherry. So "My mother is eating a banana and a cherry" should be accepted.


I put: banana and cherry. No good.

It is either: banana and cherry.

or: a banana and a cherry.

maybe: bananas and cherries.

or: a banana and cherries.

but: a banana and cherry does not work unless it adjectival, in which case it presumably needs a noun.

I don't know Navaho, but I do know English...


Where does to "a" come from ? Why is "banana and cherry" not correct


So, my mom is eating just one cherry? Better be Cherry on Top, a frozen yogurt place near you!

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