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How can I make my classroom better?

[deactivated user]

    I have been a teacher on duolingo for two years now and I found out a lot of thing for my classroom but, I think I can still improve on my teaching. Does anyone have any ideas?

    November 6, 2018



    A Duolingo classroom is simply a means of monitoring your students work, and setting them tasks. Are you looking for advice on doing one of those two things?

    It'll be hard for anyone to advise without knowing more context. What age range are your students? Are you using Duolingo to supplement mostly classroom-based learning? Are you running a distance-learning program?


    Hi there, @akathebest! Great question. What are you currently doing with your students while using Duolingo?

    And what language(s) are you teaching?

    I recommend the following additional Duolingo resources and supplements to your curriculum:

    1. Duolingo Stories (https://stories.duolingo.com/) Students can practice a language through mini-stories that challenge reading and listening comprehension. *Stories are available (so far) in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

    2. Tinycards (https://tinycards.duolingo.com/) Memorize anything while playing a flashcard game! Using Tinycards, users can learn language by using pre-made decks, or by creating their own. Teachers can also customize decks if they want to match class curriculum with the cards. Examples: geography decks, decks for learning colors, animals, etc.

    3. Power Practice via schools.duolingo.com The Duolingo Schools Dashboard now allows you to start a short practice session for your classroom! Click the “Classroom Practice” button to launch a session that is tailored to your classroom’s overall language level. Many teachers use Duolingo in class by projecting their screen so everybody can see the questions, and this feature is meant to facilitate that activity. There are several ways of completing the classroom practice session:

    Ask your students to translate the sentence they see, and type in the answer yourself. This encourages them to speak without having to worry about spelling.

    One teacher told us she makes one student the designated teacher - that student is in charge of deciding who gets to answer the question, and of typing in the answer. If you have a small class, you can have students (or teams of students) take turns answering questions.

    1. Duolingo Podcast (https://podcast.duolingo.com/) Currently available in Spanish, it's a collection of fascinating stories that are easy to follow along with to practice listening skills.

    Here's a link to our Help pages, as well: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002602006-What-can-I-do-with-Duolingo-for-Schools-



    Hi Caty,

    I like your explanation for point 3).

    Maybe a senior product expert should record a video, introducing all features of the classroom.

    Not all the FAQs are always enjoyable to read.
    And not all go very in-depth.
    But I have seen that for Schools there are many usable dedicated FAQs...if one user wants to read (I guess most don't).

    Or your team could make monthly teacher online workgroup sessions where teachers can ask questions in a chat or by their headset/mic.

    I read once that there had been local on-site teacher workshops in the past...I am not sure if your company still does this.


    Have you ever watched YT streaming sessions from plane SIMs like FSX, X-Planes, Prepar3D, etc.?

    Real Boing/Airbus pilots guide SIM users through the first steps how to start a 737, 380 from cold & dark to running / take-off ready, to setup landing approaches, IFR navigation programming, ....how they do it themselves in real life...

    Most users are very visual orientated...text is not enough...they need to see a series of pictures or a specific (more complicated) feature "live".

    Just an idea... :-)

    Best regards

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