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Ihr, Sie, Du

How do you know which one to use in what type of sentence?

November 7, 2018



Hi Emilie, AP4418

ihr (Lowercase I) is the plural, informal 'You'. It can also be the feminine possessive pronoun (more details on the adjective declension endings can be found in the image below).

Sie (Capital S) is the formal 'You'.

sie (Lowercase S) can mean either 'They' or 'She'.

Du is the informal 'You'.

If you want to know what all these terms and things mean, check out this post!

Have a nice day!


The first question is whether you need to use the formal or informal 'you'. In Duolingo it doesn't matter, it accepts both, but in the real world you'd have to decide. The informal version is usually only for family, close friends, and children, and also amongst younger people. Otherwise use the formal version eg in shops or restaurants etc.

If you are using the informal version then it depends on whether you are talking to one person or several people. For the formal version it doesn't matter since both are the same.

So overall you have:
- formal = 'Sie' (one or more people)
- informal - one person = 'Du'
- informal - several people = 'Ihr'

I hope that helps. :)


Danke, so much:) it helps a lot

[deactivated user]

    Danke this helped me too.

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