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Is it wrong that I feel bigbrained after figuring out what to do on klingon?

I recently figured out what to do when reading klingon and now I feel really smart for some reason help.

November 7, 2018



Well, Klingon was designed to pretty different from most of the most-spoken human languages, so I think that developing an understanding of it is something to be a bit proud about, but just don't let it go to your head.


If the bigbrainedness starts to cause a pattern of large ridges on your foreheard, you may have taken the Klingon thing too far.


best response jfsd;algha


Not as long as "what to do when reading Klingon" isn't reading it from right to left. Since many of the word orders in Klingon are reversed from English, it is possible to cheat in reading individual Klingon sentences from right to left. But this practice will leave you unable to understand spoken Klingon which is read from left to right. It is possible to teach the brain to understand Klingon sentences from left to right, but it takes some effort. If that's what you have accomplished, then I think some pride is in order.


Any suggestions on how to do that?

I suppose reaching fluency means not having to translate, but understanding the meaning without having to fit it to a different grammar. But Klingon has most constructs reverted, and that makes things harder, and it would help to have intermediate steps.

I am a native Italian speaker, and that seem to help a bit, as there is a lot of flexibility in how you can arrange the subject, verb and object in Italian, so 'epIl naH viISop vIneH becames la mela mangiare voglio, which is awkward but understandable italian for I want to eat the apple. But for more complex phrases, i need to sit down and analyze the sentence from the back end...


I sometimes find myself thinking along the lines of: the object, verb-ed by, the subject. Not sure if this helps you...

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