"Chʼil Łitsxooí"


November 7, 2018

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Is " an orange" not correct?


How do you know how to say any if these words? I have no audio. Also is there a special keyboard that can be downloaded for Navajo?


1Kclwd, I downloaded one free from google for my android phone. I had one before from a Navajo site (don't remember where) that was also good, but you had to hold down the key to get the different markings. The google one has each one visible on a separate key which is easier for me.


Despite that I've readied myself for the features of Navajo, this word is still incredibly difficult to say.


'an orange' was incorrect. It's really impossible without audio.


I have absolutely 0 clue how to pronounce that. Would love audio. Considering Duo boasts about preserving endangered languages, I'd think they'd want to put more effort into it. I'm sure a lot of people have been turned off by the lack of audio/rough recordings. It makes learning much more difficult.


Isn't singular and plural the same? I was marked wrong for "oranges". I'll report it.

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