November 7, 2018



"Mark the correct meaning" 'Eat' A. E bob marley B. bob marley C. 'Ai

wow that's a tough one


Hahahaha. Thanks for the laughs. It really made my day. I was wondering though why was E bob marly and bob marly one of the options!


Why the heck is Bob Marley one of the options. Thanks for the laughs whomever did this question LMAO


Bob Marley (and UB40 from an earlier post in this sentence discussion) has been used in a couple sentences in the Music Skill. The computer randomly steals words from other places to create "wrong" sentence possabilities. It occasionally results in some pretty funny options.


Did not know that. That is interesting in a way and in a way very confusing.


center question has u40b as opposed to a word


But they just added sound to "ae" and that sounds like "eye". So would the two words only be told apart by context in a sentence, or is "ai" pronounced slightly different than "ae"?


The two are actually their letter sounds combined, in other words they're spelt how they sound. Let that be a guide.

A in the hawaiian alphabet makes an "ah" sound. I makes an "ee" sound. Put those together and say it quickly and A + I = "ah-ee" for ai or ‘ai.

E in the hawaiian alphabet makes an "eh" sound. (The sound in "wet" as opposed to the sound in "whey.") So A + E = "ah-eh" spoken quickly for ae or ‘ae.


They do sound very similar and the difference is subtle. I hope you get a chance to hear them next to each other. To my ear ’ai sounds sharper and ‘ae sounds flatter, but I don't know if that will mean much to you. When saying them, finish ‘ai with more of an ee sound, and finish ‘ae with more of an ay (like the name of the letter A) sound.


How do ylu pronounce 'ai? Is it just like 'i'?


Pretty much. Also like the word "eye" in English.

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    Ps the sound system is not working


    Honestly, I am finding it really hard to try and learn a new language, any one agree?


    I actually find languages quite easy and fun: They are just a set of grammar rules and some vocabulary.


    For me that is like learning a song. It is very easy for me to learn it and sing it. For me languages are very confusing and mixed up. It is good for you to be able to learn languages quickly, that is a privlage.


    How do you say ,ai,, eat,


    It sounds exactly like the English word "eye". Though if you were giving a command you'd probably add "E" before it and "E ‘ai," sounds very much like you are just saying the English letters "a, i."


    It just had me choose e'Ai for "eat" 2 questions ago. This time it told me it was just 'Ai, and putting the e in front was wrong.

    What's up with this?


    They should probably also accept that for this separate entry. Did you report it with the flag as, "my answer should have been accepted".

    In any case, notice that there is no punctuation on this entry. This is not a sentence, this is just the word. If there had been a period or an exclamation mark, then this would have been the command and it would have required the "e". Like I said, though, it's easy to see this and think of the command, so I agree with you that it should be added as an accepted translation.


    I literally just learned this, and the anwser is different, anybody else having this problem


    You haven't given much of an explanation of what was different so it will be hard to tell if anyone else is having the same problem. But if you read the rest of the thread, you might find your problem to be similar to the others that have already posted.


    So the word eat is Ai, but the first time i learned it it was something else so I got it wrong


    I can't imagine what other word you are talking about. If you find it again, feel free to come back and ask about it. But do remember to put the ‘okina on ‘ai.


    This is quite cool. Easy to learn and all free. If you see this please follow


    Why E before hele but not 'ai?


    Note that there is no punctuation. This is not a command, but rather it is asking for the dictionary definition.

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