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Can't assign more than a week out in *SOME* classes

I have 6 classes. On 11/6 in TWO of the classes, I was able to create an assignment beginning 11/16. In the other FOUR classes, I cannot create an assignment that begins more than 1 week from the current date. WHY is it not consistent?

November 7, 2018



Here's what I'm doing: Step`1: select skill or points Step 2: Date (before selecting specific skill or point total) Dates beyond 1 week are grayed out. I'd attach a screen shot but it won't let me paste it here. The same thing worked in 2 classes; not the other 4. (All Spanish though that shouldn't matter). My biggest complaint with Duolingo is inconsistency and constant changes (without proper de-bugging). This is yet another example.


You can't currently set the start date of the assignment to be after the due date. If you set the due date to where you want it first, it will make your desired start date available.


OK - so the problem is that Duolingo is assuming my intended assignment due date. Once I correct that, then I am able to set the start date I want. I got it done now, but interestingly enough, I don't recall doing it that way on the other two classes that worked last night. In any case, I have the assignments in now for all 6 classes and I appreciate your help. Thank you.


Try setting the Due date of the assignment first.


Is that a known bug? That the beginning date sometimes doesn't work properly until the due date is filled in?

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