"This food is not good."

Translation:यह खाना अच्छा नहीं है।

November 7, 2018

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Why is nahi after the verb sometimes and before at other times?


You can say the same being a native speaker i can say both means the same ...sometimes it connected with emphaisis like where you want to give more emphasis...- Example- Ye kahna acha nahi hai (ये खाना अच्छा नही है) here emphasis on Food (Khana) which is not good but in second Example- ye accha kahna nahi hai - Emphasize more on aacha (Good) ....but dont sacred...you can say both ..whole India accept same almost ...


I have this question as well.


This is the most confusing thing. Sometimes Nahin goes in front of the verb, sometimes it goes in back of the verb. I get that sometimes there is emphasis on different parts of the sentence, but that is extremely hard to tell on duolingo, and if most native speakers say either one is fine and acceptable, cant we just accept both on here? steps off soap box lol.


I wrote "यह खाना नहीं अच्छा है।" and it marked it as wrong, why?


Because its grammatically incorrect नहीं will come after अच्छा


Yes. Because नहीं has to come next to the verb, and अच्छा is an adjective.


Next time please try your sentence without hai, and let's see if it's acceptable


Does this have to have है on the end?


It can be omitted as far as I know, though I think it's more common to omit it when you have a verb other than 'is' (वह नहीं आ रही, e.g.).


If we speak informally, we can omit that But grammattically it has to be written


Khana acha nahi hai ye bhi thik hi hai

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