"Pemandangan di sini bagus."

Translation:The view here is good.

November 7, 2018

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the view from here is good should be acceptable, as it means the same thing!


Totally agree, and in Australia at least, is much more likely to be said


The view from here is good = Pemandangan dari sini bagus / dari sini pemandangannya bagus

from here = dari sini


'bagus' has so many translations. I tried using 'great' and got the question wrong. To me, bagus seems to be above baik, so I would prefer bagus being great. At any rate, there really are some other words that should be acceptable translations to bagus.


Great = luar biasa Bagus = good. But bagus can't be used to describe human's characteristic. Baik = good/nice/well. Commonly used to describe human/animal's characteristic and human/animal's condition.

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