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"His letter does not apply here."

Translation:Suratnya tidak berlaku di sini.

November 7, 2018



Is "Dia surat tidak berlaku di sini" wrong?


Yes, it should be "Suratnya" or "Surat dia". Both mean the same, meaning "His / her letter...".

In Indonesian the "Item" comes before the "person". "Bola saya" - My ball "Ayahku" - My father "Bukumu" - Your book "Rumah Anda" - Your house "Makanan kalian" - Your (plural) food

Hope this helps!


What's wrong with 'surat miliknya...'?

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That would be an incorrect construction. "Miliknya" by itself is a noun (a possessive pronoun) as in "It is hers/his." and so cannot be used to modify "surat". You can only say "suratnya" or "surat dia", where "dia" correctly modifies "surat".

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