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"molor luSuv qeylIS luqara' je."

Translation:Kahless and Lukara fought against Molor.

November 8, 2018



Lukara And kahless should be exchangeable


Sometimes. But maybe the person is answering a question about Kahless and is being very intentional about mentioning Kahless first. If it doesn't need to be changed for grammatical reasons, then keep the order the same.


I don't believe this is a standard principle in translation. Logical equivalence is not grammatical equivalence.

Why does everyone WANT to reverse the order of conjunctions, anyway?


I think for many of them it's because they are actually physically reading the sentence from back to front, so that's the order in which they encounter the names. It's a bad habit, but I think a lot of the students do it. It'll be interesting to see what happens if we ever get audio exercises, where you have to translate the spoken sentence instead of the written sentence.


I don’t think you ever have to translate a spoken sentence, only write down what you hear.


I frequently translate the spoken sentence by accident, and thus get it wrong.


I must have to do that for one of the other apps I use (for other languages). That's a shame.

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