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"Ellas parecían estar feliz con sus vidas."

Translation:They seemed to be happy with their lives.

April 3, 2013



I think it should be "Ellas parecian estar felices con sus vidas."


Yes, "felices" is the conjugation for the third-person plural.


'Conjugation' is only for verbs. "Happy" is an adjective. It's merely singular or plural. (Or in some cases masculine/feminine)

But yes, it should be "felices".


Why doesn't "feliz" agree with "ellas" in this sentence? Is it an error or a language thing I don't understand?

I notice that no one from Duolingo has responded to Madziu's similar comment from two months back.


Errors in a teaching medium should be corrected ASAP to prevent propagation of the error.

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Duo can't read every single comment on here so there's a report flag for mistakes and missing translations.


This one could be" ellas parecían felices con sus vidas" , no need for estar here


I'm Spanish native Speaker, and Yes... that is an error, It should be "Ellas parecían estar FELICES con sus vidas" because "FELICES" is the conjugation of plural-third person and "FELIZ" is only for singular-third person.

Imagine replace "FELIZ" by other adjective like "GORDO"

It would be an error saying "Ellos solían estar GORDO cada verano" (It's a gramatical errror)

Unless the person that made this exercise were elder than 50 years old...


Yes - why not appear? Someone please explain.


I put the same but now I can see I was wrong as 'parecían' is the imperfect past conjugation. appear is present and would be parecen.


Duo uses the Spanish word 'aparecer' (to appear,to show up,to turn up) as the translation for 'appear' while 'paracer' (to seem, to look, to appear to be) is translated to seem (in this cased seemed and parecian) In English it would be fine to say "They appeared to be happy with their lives" but "They seemed to be..." is a better translation.


"They looked happy with their lives." ??


"they looked like they were happy with their lives" ? Can that fit too?


I would think so, I wrote "They seemed like they were happy with their lives." It marked it as incorrect but it seems right to me.


Although not a word for word translation, I think "They seemed to enjoy their lives" should have been accepted as meaning the same thing.


felices not accepted 28/7/19


Ellas parecian estar " felices"


"They used to appear to be happy with their lives." was not accepted, so I reported it as having should have been accepted. If I'm wrong about that, please correct me with sufficient justification.

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