"Televisi saya perlu pengecas."

Translation:My television needs a charger.

November 8, 2018

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TVs have chargers? Are portable ones common in Indonesia i guess?


Yeah, I'd like to understand the sociological/technological/anthropological reality behind this statement as well, if such things exist. Otherwise, for all I know with my limited knowledge, the sentence could merely be another exercise in grammar.


Pengecas appears to be the wrong translation of "charger". According to Google Translate pengecas means Black Mailer. My Echols/Shadily Kamus Indonesia Ingris does not list this word, or its root, which I believe is Kecas. Google Translate translates Kecas and cockroach, the the translation of Pengecas to blackmailer is reasonable. It certainly doesn't mean charger.


Google translate needs to be updated.
(see KBBI definitions here below)

pengecas = charger


cas ==> loanword from English "to charge"

cas = mengisi daya listrik

mengecas = memperkuat setrum (tentang baterai)

pengecas = alat untuk mengecas

'kecas' is not an Indonesian word.

cockroach = kecoak

I think that your dictionary is a little bit outdated.


It's so strange... On my iOS app, I see a comment from @Jeremy Hooper but I can't see it via the web version. After looking up in several dictionaries, he argued that translating "pengecas" as "charger" is wrong, and also believed that the root word is "kecas", meaning "black mailer"... Maybe his comment is now hidden because he got several downvotes.

Anyway, I have a different opinion. According to KBBI, the root word is "cas", not "kecas". And the related verb is "mengecas" (to charge). "Cas", "mengecas" and "pengecas" are not listed on IndoDic, but one of my IDN-ENG dictionaries says "cas" is a dialect expression from Sumatra. No wonder why some dictionaries do not list "pengecas". The synonym of "pengecas" is "pengisi baterai". As we learned from the previous lesson, "mengisi" means "to fill in" or "to load". I think "pengisi baterai" is much easier for us to memorize.

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