"Penyakit adikku sudah sembuh."

Translation:My younger sibling's illness has already healed.

November 8, 2018

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What's a less awkward way to say this? Healed is like for a wound or a broken bone, not for an illness. Maybe: "My younger sister's illness has gotten better"? Or: "My younger sister's disease has been cured"?


I think the simplest way and common way to say this in english is "My brother/sister has recovered." or "My brother/sister is feeling better now"

The illness/disease is not mentioned at all in this sentence, but normally people should come to their own conclusion that the "recovery" refers to an illness/disease that he/she had before the "recovery", so there is no need to include that word in the sentence.

When I feel forced to directly translate a sentence from another language into english word by word, then I think it actually ends up sounding awkward because each language has their own way of expressing things.

Then again I'm not a native english speaker, so if there are any better way to say it, I'm open to suggestions as well.

I think these kind of answers should also be allowed, but I'm not sure if everyone would agree because it doesn't exactly adhere to the rules of the game?


Harusnya adikku sudah sembuh dari penyakitnya

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