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option to turn off three strikes and lesson ends


I find having the lesson end after I've made a certain number of mistakes very annoying. If I am making mistakes then I need more practice in that area right? So why kick me out of it?

I realize that there are other people who like the gaming aspect, but I find it just gets in the way of my learning and it is demotivating. I'd love the option of turning it off. I stopped using Duolingo for a while because I found it so frustrating. But the rest of Duolingo is so good that I decided to give it another go.


April 3, 2013



You can't disable hearts. They aren't meant to discourage, but to motivate. This is good feedback to hear though. I know it can be hard to keep going, but definitely give it a try and don't let losing hearts stop you :)


I get frustrated when I am 2 questions away from the end and lose my last heart. I would much rather keep going until I could get to 10. Make the challenge seeing how many you have to go through before getting 10. Then I would truely learn from my mistakes.


I honestly don't think we need the hearts on the lessons anymore. If I want to game, I have the iPhone app and the Vocabulary section now. I wouldn't say the hearts are de-motivational as much as they are disruptive. For new learners who are probably more concerned with learning the language than earning coins, it might make sense to bring back the connection between the immersion in the lessons and put more emphasis on the coins with this connection. Then once that connection is made, people can build up their coins through maintenance of the language (ie, vocabulary section, translating new articles, answering discussion questions, etc)


If you don't care about the gaming aspect, why are you demotivated when you lose hearts? Just start over. Once you gain enough knowledge, you'll finish the lesson and unlock the next one.

Many people don't revise if they can go further right away. Hearts are meant as a way to ensure that you can pass a lesson with no more than 3 or 4 mistakes. In fact, even this score does not necessarily mean you've learned all the new words and are ready to learn something new, but it is a nice balance between under- and over-revision.


I'm not discouraged by losing hearts. I don't even notice that. I'm discouraged that after I make three mistakes (often typos) I am bounced out of the lesson and have to start over. I'd like to just keep going through the rest of the lesson.

I think not going on until one has gone through the lesson with only 3 or less mistakes is a good idea. But I would rather finish the whole lesson.


I actually completely get this. If I'm struggling with a lesson, then I need as much practice as possible. Being able to finish each lesson ("pass" or not) would give me more exposure to the difficult concepts without making me constantly feel like a failure by kicking me out. The next lesson shouldn't be unlocked until I can get through without losing all of my hearts, but I'd love to have the continued practice.


Exactly. By being kicked out of the lesson I am actually getting less practice than if I could continue the lesson. I don't want to move on until I understand the lesson or make it easier. I just want as much practice as possible.


I thought duolingo was already lax since you don't lose hearts for incorrect accents.


I couldn't agree more. Make me keep going!


I'm having the same problem. I am unable to complete a test/lesson because I run out of hearts. And even though I've spent a considerable amount of time practicing, I don't get "credit" for the day. This is beyond discouraging. Not getting credit for practice does make me want to throw in the towel. I also think I may have been "placed" at the wrong level. I am not even getting close to the end of the practice tests before being out of hearts.

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