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Disappearing sound

When I first did the Hawaiian tree, there was sound for half or more of the words. However now as I practice it, I don't get any sound at all. Is anyone else experiencing this? Anything I can do to make the course talk to me again?

November 9, 2018



That course should've never been released this year. The course looks like a disappointment ATM. However, they have been promising to add more skills this month. Perhaps they are testing and changing things around.


Yes, the same is happening to me. In one particular case the sound used as an example does not match what you choose. In other cases the sentence being read in the audio wise does not match the written example.

The course itself is in Beta so it is not by any means a perfect or complete course. That is where we, the users, come in. If you see something that is off or missing in a particular part of the course after you type in or choose your answer you can report it.

Under the correct/incorrect answer posting is a flag to report any issues with the course. After clicking this flag there are check boxes on what issue you would like to report. Currently there is no way to report a customized issue. Aloha kākou.

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