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URGENT!!!: Latest update of Duolingo decreases usability!?


I like the graphical update to the GUI of the German interface. But there are some setbacks.

Lately I’ve been busy like a beaver studying Spanish with the German interface on an iPad Pro. I mostly learn in a lying position meaning in bed before I sleep or right after wake up. It seems to me that following new features decreases usability.

  • Font seems smaller (can’t be sure since old Interface is not available for comparison). I mean iPad screen is anyhow mostly empty so decrease Font compared to earlier version. => Please increase Font.

  • Button at bottom Position, the Button to check the answer or continue to next puzzle is now ergonomically at a too low position. My hand ankle is uncomfortable. => Please move button back to a higher position.

  • Button not covering whole width. The button was easier to operate when it was covering the whole width. => Please increase button width.

  • !!! But the worst change is not the GUI and I really hope it’s a bug and not a feature change. When I reach a new level I don’t get 50 Bonuspoints anymore. Has Duolingo become greedy? => waiting for bugfix

Regards from Busy Beaver

November 9, 2018

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Ja jetzt muss ich einen Teil revidieren. Habe in einer Übungsserie Level 1 erreicht und bekam wie üblich 50 Bonuspunkte plus die Option durch Werbung dies zu verdoppeln. Also das ist wie vorher. Aber vor einer Stunde erreichte ich bei Thema “Zahlen” Level 3 und dafür gab es keine Punkte!?


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