"Saya sekolah untuk mencari ilmu."

Translation:I go to school to pursue knowledge.

November 9, 2018

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Shouldn't it be: saya pergi ke sekolah untuk.... ? To me it now looks like: I am a school to pursue knowledge


I think it should probably be bersekolah. Maybe in casual speech, it's ok to drop the ber- and you end up with sekolah, but it's a bit confusing for us learners.


From what I know and have learned, I agree with you that "bersekolah" is better. But wonder what the contributors think of this.


Normaly people would say kuliah if they were in college. If not this sentence is still correct. Pergi means to leave not actualy go, although it can be used that way.


Sekolah is an action verb as well as a noun.


And what's with the new typeface? Its both uninvited and distracting.


"I go to a school for the pursuit of science." Maybe a little flowery on my part, but is it actually wrong?

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