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I wish Duolingo was more difficult - the whole golden tree in 16 days

Hi folks! I started studying and practicing my poor English at Duolingo 22 days ago. I think the level of my English was (and still is) pre-intermediate and I hoped that the level of my English increase a lot with Duolingo. Unfortunately, the levels were really really easy and I have passed all the levels in 16 days to 5 crowns each... When I exercise these days after my tree has been completed, I still get the sentences to translate like "she has an apple"... Oh, really? It is a pity I cannot exercise things like phrasal verbs, all conditionals (including mixed), present perfect continuous, past perfect continuous, etc... Anyway, thank you all for the hard work you have spent on creating this amazing software, which would be simply brilliant if exercises would be more difficult. I still do a lot of mistakes in my poor English and I am unable to find the most effective way how to improve it. The form of teaching and exercising at Duolingo (using tablet and computer and not searching in obsolete textbooks) is just for my needs and I feel this is the way how I want to learn English. I am keeping exercising with you guys and trying to keep up the daily goal each day. If someone is willing to correct my mistakes in this text, I would love that. Thank you.

November 9, 2018

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As a native English speaker, I don't think Duolingo can help you anymore – judging from this post, your English is MUCH better than you think. The best course of action for you would be to get a private teacher or some American/British friends to speak with. Best of luck!


Thank you Justin! As I have already written above, I am trying to find someone who I could conversate with. I need talk, talk and talk...


The level of my English is much lower, but I totally agree with LukasBlech. When we have crowns, this can be done. Please please! The Duolingo is an amazing application!


I agree with JustinHolden - I don't think Duolingo can help you anymore. In your case the best way for continuing learning is watching films on YouTube in English with English subtitles and be active. Stop videos for a moment when you catch interesting English sentence or unknown repeating word and try to remember that. I wish you best of luck!


Well, in the Lukas' case, maybe. But there are many students here, who do not have this level to continue this way. And this space would be filled with the more difficult exercises, eg for 4 and 5 crowns. For now, it would be enough to increase the number of tasks from Czech to English. A new content will be, but they said after a long time.

One note to the films: It helps to set a bit slower playback. For example, with the VLC player it can be done without degrading the sound quality.


Guys, thank you so much for your answers and kind words! Let me tell you about my next progress. After the finishing the English golden tree, which I have written about above, I moved to the next course - the "English to Czech". This course is considered for Czech learners, but I found it useful for English learners as well, like me. I can say it was MUCH more difficult and much more better course that the previous one. The whole golden tree took 96 days for me. The sentences in the Czech course are more complex, longer and they teached me some new grammar rules that I had no idea about before (I am not sure about the grammar in this sentence..). I feel that the level of my English has improved a little and I consider myself as a B1 leveled student these days. I also found the Duolingo volunteers (VladaFu, BoneheadBass..) who were REALLY helpful in the discussions about the issues I had had in the certain topics. Thank you!

Now I need to move on. To the B2 level. And I am looking for the best way how to do it. As already JustinHolden recommended to me, I should have found a private teacher. Yes. That was the possibility, but I felt I wanted to make this on my own. To not spend the time with commuting, paying the teacher, and so on... Unfortunately, I also cannot find the native English friends living in my city, who would be willing to go for a beer with me, on a regular basis.

Or as jarjosifko mentioned watching English movies or reading novels - I already do it. To read at least one hour a day in addition with practising Duolingo (so I don't forget what I have learned for the last 4 months).

And if you have any other ideas how to improve my English, I would love to hear back from you, guys. I know this article is full of mistakes, but I am doing my best. And I will not give it up. :)


I have managed the whole tree in more than two years. I started from scratch. Now I would like also to continue to a highter level.


Use the Czech lesson. It is more complex, more difficult and the level is much higher then English lesson.


Hi, Lukas. I want to draw your attention to this topic:


Would you try to explain this to the developers? Or together?

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