"We turned her strong."

Translation:Kami mengubah dia menjadi kuat.

November 9, 2018

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"We turned her strong" is an unusual statement in current English. Does this mean "We changed her to become strong" ?


Yep https://kbbi.web.id/ubah mengubah 1) menjadikan lain dari semula: timbul niatnya untuk ~ kebiasaan yang buruk itu;

1 To cause to become other than previously.

I'm having trouble with the example sentence :(

But a better translation would be "We made her strong"


"We made her become strong (er)" might be a better alternative.


I wrote "Kami MEMBUAT dia menjadi kuat". Duolingo's response was "You have a typo" and it showed me the version above, "Kami mengubah dia menjadi kuat." So I'm confused - is just "membuat" so similar to "mengubah" or is my sentence correct?


I think it works fine as a translation of "We turned her strong"

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