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"Dia jatuh karena kami mendorong dia."

Translation:She falls because we push her.

November 9, 2018



DANG!!! What a bunch of bullies...


Yeah I think so too.


why can't it be "he" instead of "she"? :/


Why you cannot say he falls because we pushed her


In English, these probouns can be either reflexive or non-reflexive, meaning that it can refer to the person you are already talking about or someone else. Assuming that this is the same in Indonesian (I am not fluent so I'm not sure), then your sentence should be accepted.

In many contexts, this would probably be used reflexively, but there are contexts where your sentence would easily work. Maybe she is holding him up. Then if you push her he would fall, so he would fall because she was pushed. Although this scenario might not be the first situation someone would think of when hearing this sentence, the sentence is completely valid. If you are able to, please report this answer if it is not accepted.


Gender agreement. Bruh.


This has been one more bizarre sentence in a series of bizarre sentences. Half of them are hard to imagine in any context, but maybe that's because I was living in Malaysia for five years. It must have been some kind of alternate reality.


This one is just mean.

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