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  5. "She lost her keys."

"She lost her keys."

Translation:Ela perdeu suas chaves.

April 3, 2013



Why is it, "Ela perdeu todo o seu dinheiro." but Ela perdeu seus chaves."? Is there a rule as to when to use the artigo "o"


When it is possessive adjective, you decide whether or not to usethe article. When it is possessive pronoun you have to use the article


What is a possessive adjective and posessive pronoun?


Possessive adjective: possessive + noun

  • (A) minha casa

(Here, the artivle “a” can be omitted.)

Possessive pronoun: it replaces the noun.

  • (A) minha casa é maior que a sua.

(Here, the second article “a” can’t be omitted.)

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