"Apakah dia nakhoda kapal ini?"

Translation:Is he the captain of this ship?

November 9, 2018

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Why does Computer Lady pronounce it "nah-koda" instead of "nak-hoda" or "nakoda" or "na-German ach-laut-oda"? Is it really pronounced that way?


There's some disagreement amongst Indonesians over how "kh" should be pronounced.

The most formal way is indeed the German ach/Scottish loch type sound and I think this is favoured by more devoted muslims as it's a common sound in Arabic. My wife however insists it's simply pronounced /h/ or at most /ʔh/ (ie with a short pause before the "h".)

In defiance of her, I prefer to pronounce it as close to the Arabic way as I can simply because I get a kick out of using sounds not found in English.

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