"Maukah kamu menyimpankan buku saya?"

Translation:Do you want to store my book?

November 9, 2018

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Literal translations into slightly odd-sounding English are GOOD, because they help us learn how things are phrased in Indonesian. And anyhow this one isn't even wrong, it's just less common than other phrasing options.


Would “Would you mind” be a better translation than “Do you want” in this context, what with the “-kah” and all?


I typed the same thing in keyboard mode and got wrong answer. I feel like it should be correct.


Mau is want .. so, 'do you want' sounds like a good translation to me


Sounds like this person is asking a favour, so a more polite way in English would be to say: Could you store my book for me?"


@donny309620 is right. This sentence should not be literally translated because the speaker is actually asking for a favor.

According to native speakers, this sentence is very polite -- one of them argues that the politeness is 9 out of 10. https://hinative.com/questions/18211647

"Maukah kamu...?" is even politer than "Bolehkah kamu...?". So, "would you mind if I ask..." is actually an accurate translation as @tsuj1g1r1 proposed.


Wow, I came across this sentence also in the Medical skill. I even wondered for a while whether "menyimpankan" means something related to illness... Duolingo, please fix it.


"Would you like to keep my book? " Is this a possible or accurate translation? I would like to know if this kind of subjunctive tone is possible in Indonesian.

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