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  5. "Vous avez une opinion ?"

"Vous avez une opinion ?"

Translation:Do you have an opinion?

April 3, 2013



interesting that 'opinion' is feminine, i will remember that :)


It is also interesting that the previous exercise has "avis" for "opinion, and now it is "opinion" for "opinion". Which one of these is the most common things to say for native French speakers? I know for me (a native English speaker) it is infinitely easier to remember "opinion" for "opinion".


My opinion (!) is that "un avis" is more frequent in this type of (lack of) context.


I read another comment on the last lesson about this. The user wrote that "avis" is for a personal, singular opinion.

"Do you have an opinion on the country?"

«As-tu un avis du pays?»

The user wrote that "opinion" is for an impersonal, largely-held opinion.

"What's is the public's opinion about the country?"

«Qu'est-ce que c'est l'opinion publique du pays?»


Could this sentence just as well have been written as "Avez-vous une opinion?" I've noticed sometimes it is written with the verb first and hyphen...but I'm not sure why. Thanks in advance!


Actually, Duolingo uses relaxed or formal constructions when the English is just standard, which is not quite right.

Do you have an opinion? (standard):

= avez-vous une opinion ? / as-tu une opinion ? (both formal) OR = est-ce que vous avez une opinion ? / est-ce que tu as une opinion ? (both standard)

You have an opinion? (oral/relaxed):

= vous avez une opinion ? / tu as une opinion ? (both oral/relaxed)


why "you have an idea" is incorrect?


Not really, an idea is about creativity, opinion is about judgment.

Alternative to "opinion" in French: Vous avez un avis ?


Would asking this come across as polite or impolite?


Polite, no problem. Just an invitation to someone who can now share his/her views.


can you use avis and opinion interchangeably all the time?


No, not always because "un avis" also means "une notification".


My answer, 'you have an opinion?' is relaxed but was accepted previously in similar translations. Surprisingly, it was graded incorrect; DL's correct (informal) answer is 'you have any opinion?' Since there is no indication of 'any' in the French, I translated it in perfectly proper English, omitting the superfluous 'any.' I think DL should accept my answer; it has the same meaning as 'do you have an opinion.'

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While "vous avez une opinion ?" (using a voice inflection to express the question) is very common in French, the statement as question form is not standard in English. It is "do you have an opinion?"


'opinion' is always feminine? because I think I just solved an exercise in which the resolution was 'ton opinion' (masculine)


"ton opinion" is feminine as well, but you cannot use "ma/ta/sa" in front of a word starting with a vowel. So you replace the possessive with "mon/ton/son" but the noun remains feminine.

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