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I just finished the German skill tree!

I just finished the German skill tree. I feel great. This is not my first contact with the language. I have already gone through German texts for many years now. I am not studying German on a regular basis though. Neither I do study it intensively. I'll keep working on it . Since I learn it mainly for pleasure I find this rate is fine.

November 10, 2018



Congrats. Keep it going.


Congratulations! :D


Congrats! I am keeping this course also just for fun because I am involved in communications with Germans in work. I think it will be a good outcome if I can speak some fluent German after my almost-4-year work's completion. And hopefully I can deliver this target.


Awesome, congrats! This post motivated me to finish my German tree today. :D


Gratuliere! Gut gemacht!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Viel Spaß weiterhin beim Deutschlernen. :o)


Well done, mate. Keep it up.

Glückwunsch, weiter verbessern.


Großartig! Ich bin sehr stolz für dich, ist es wirklich einen langen Baum, ich wünsche dir alles Glück für deine weitere Studieren mit Deutsch!


Congratulations! I'm learning German as well but I'm only about halfway down the tree


Gut gemacht!!



How long did it take you to do that? Did you reach max crown level on the whole tree, or only one crown in each of the skills? Just curious.


It took me about three months. Maybe a little less. I reached one crown on each skill because I wanted to complete the tree as soon as possible. I used Duolingo as a refresher. Earlier I learned quite a lot from courses by Deutche Welle and from books. There are some very good dual --German/English-- books (Penguin books, Dover, etc.) with stories by well known German authors. They help a lot in the quick acquisition of vocabulary.


Gut gemacht! Weiter so.


Congrats. I do not have a background in German. Do you think I can glean fluency through Duolingo, or would you recommend any helps that you use? Congrats again!


Fluency, certainly not. It is a good introduction though. You can also go through courses on the page of Deutsche Welle for free. Language is an immense field. It's study never ends. When you reach an intermediate level you could try parallel texts (e.g. in Penguin books) Your vocabulary will augment quickly.

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