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  5. "आपकी बहन मेरी दोस्त है।"

"आपकी बहन मेरी दोस्त है।"

Translation:Your sister is my friend.

November 10, 2018



I thought a sentence starting with आप should end with हैं, not है


है or हैं depends on the subject of the sentence. Since the subject here is "Your sister" (Singular female person) there is no need for formality. If it had been "Your grandma" then yes, it would make sense to use हैं.


Thanks for your reply. So, the ending of a sentence like है, हैं and हो agree with the Subject?


Exactly. है for singular, हैं for plural/respectful forms of address, and हो if the subject is तुम​.


Aapka vs Tumarah ?


Aapka is the more respectful way of saying "Your," and tumhara is the more casual form. Same as the difference between aap and tum, aapka will be used when you're talking to elders, bosses, teachers, etc, and tumhara is used when you're talking to friends, colleagues, or other people you know that you don't have a formal relationship with.


Your sister is my friend

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