"Julia and Neha come to India."

Translation:जूलिया और नेहा भारत आती हैं।

November 10, 2018

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Why is it not आते? Julia and Neha are two people so I assumed I had to use the plural version


Feminine plural still conjugates with ी. It differs from feminine singular only with हैं as opposed to है.


But why not आते as oblique form? There's a postposition 'to' in the sentence


Yaaaarrr understand , they both are female ... So we will use aati hein Aate hai is for male ..


Julia neha ke sath india athi hi. (?) Julia , neha india athe hi (?) Julia aur neha india athi hi (?) Which one is correct?


What is the difference between bharat (india) and hindustan (the land of hindu?) Would that have also been correct?


Technically it would also be correct But I'd avoid using that as you might get hated on for using it due to various political and religious reasons, because Hindustan implies (as you correctly mentioned) land of Hindus. That does not sit well with a few people in India. Haha.


Thank you! I use several tools for learning Hindi and I certainly wouldn't want to start a hate thing unintentionally!!


Hindustan (हिंदुस्तान) is the colloquial name for India (भारत)

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