Any native speakers here? - Sut mae dweud :

a pain killer pill ? (is there a different expression for lowering fever pill?).

When you want to catch someone attention (for a request) is "maen ddrog gan i " acceptible ? (or is only an apology if you bump into someone?)

Would love to hear anything else if you feel like sharing (if I have any type-o in this post, please correct me).

November 11, 2018

1 Comment is a good source for basic expressions such as those. is good for technical terms.

  • Mae'n ddrwg gen/gyda fi; Mae'n flin gen/gyda fi. - I'm sorry. (to apologise)
  • Esgusodwch fi - Excuse me. (one expression for attracting someone's attention)
  • poenladdwr - a painkiller
  • cyffur lleddfu poen - a painkiller; a pain-killing drug.
November 11, 2018
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