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"The telephone does not work, because I have not paid the bill."

Translation:Qapbe' ghogh HablI', ghogh'ot vIDIlbe'pu'mo'.

November 11, 2018



I still am confused with the relative order of the sentences. I thought I had to put ghogh 'ot vIDIlbe'mo' before Qapbe' ghogh HablI'.

So which is the rule? Did I get a "wrong answer" because the construct is wrong, or because the english was phrased differently and the Klingon order is flexible in this case?


In both the English and the Klingon, there are two clauses (each a full sentence on its own):
1) The telephone does not work. Qapbe' ghogh HablI'
2) I have not paid the bill. ghogh'ot vIDIlbe'pu'

These clauses are connected by "because" (-mo'). In both languages the "because" goes on the cause, not on the effect. Also in both languages, you can choose to state the cause first or choose to state the effect first. Because of that, the order should match in the English and in the Klingon.
Qapbe' ghogh HablI', ghogh'ot vIDIlbe'pu'mo' "The telephone does not work, because I have not paid the bill."
ghogh'ot vIDIlbe'pu'mo', Qapbe' ghogh HablI' "Because I have not paid the bill, the telephone does not work, ."


All right, thank you for the clarification. I think I noticed most examples had the -mo' clause first and I assumed that was the rule, Good to know it is not so.


When -mo' is on a noun, it has to come before the verb (and any object). When -mo' is on a verb, the because-clause can go before or after the main sentence.

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