"Andi memotong tahu dan tempe."

Translation:Andi cuts tofu and tempeh.

November 11, 2018

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I believe "slice" can also be used in this case for "memotong", since it is right to say that one slices tofu and tempeh.


In English, it is normal to say slicing or cutting tofu or tempeh. Chopping refers to cutting into small pieces, which is not how this food is prepared. Chopping carrots or onions (which can also be sliced). Not tofu...


One doesn't "cut" tofu and tempe, one slices them! Actually, you can "cut up" some tofu and tempe.


I twice wrote exactly that and it keeps saying my answer is wrong I already submitted that my answer should have been submitted what the heck is happening?


I also thought to cut or to slice were the same. I'm dutch speaking so i could be wrong but Duolingo didn't accept my answer ANDI SLICES TOFU AND TEMPE?!?!

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