"Manche Kleider sind weiß."

Translation:Some dresses are white.

April 3, 2013

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Is there a way to tell if she's putting an 'r' at the end of the word, other than the context? I put Kleide because the last sound, as far as I can tell, was a simple schwa.


I may be wrong, but it's either "Kleid" or "Kleider". There is no "Kleide".


Yes, the singular is Kleid, not Kleide... proof-reading fail.


Any reason why "many" is not acceptable here?


It is a confusing characteristic of German. "Manche Kinder spielen nicht" >> Some children don't play. "Mancher Zuschauer wurde sehr erschreckt vom plötzlichen Knall." Many onlookers got frightened by the sudden report." (somebody shooting a musket in a play). >> Manche plural = few/some, Manch singular is many.


Weil, "many" bedeutet "viele". Der Satz hieße dann "Many dresses are white" = Viele Kleider sind weiß. Und - "many oder much" werden normalerweise nur in Fragen oder negativen Sätzen verwendet.


Because, many means more than some or a few. The same in German viele is more than manche. Viele Hunde = 50-100 dogs, whereas Manche Hunde = 2-3 dogs.


"Many" was acceptable on my iPad, but it's now not acceptable on my computer? (Don't ask why I'm doing it on my PC now)


Duolingo sometimes updates the answers, but I would look above at Siebolt's answer. Was it a different question?


Any reason "some of the clothes" is not correct?


would it be acceptable to say "some CLOTHES are white"? Because when I hover over the word "Kleider" with the cursor, it says it could mean both "dresses" and "clothes".


How on my smartphone can I make the fancy double s symbol used on white and sweet? And does that have a name?


you can make an "eszett" by pressing shift and holding S letter on iMedia


Hey, I get mixed up between Kleid and Kleider and Kleidung! can someone help? [:


Duolingo, you need to specify when you want people to type the answer in Deutscher oder Englisch! It's costing me hearts! Edit this!

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