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  5. "चिड़िया सेब खाती है।"

"चिड़िया सेब खाती है।"

अनुवाद:A bird eats the apple.

May 12, 2014

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The birds eats apple....whats wrong in it


There are a few errors. If it was 'birds', then it would be "The birds eat the/an apple". Since it is plural, you use 'eat' and not 'eats', and you need to use an article (a, an, the). But this can't be the answer. If it was 'birds', the Hindi translation would be "चिड़ियाँ सेब खाती हैं।"


Is this a typo here LeMaitre - did you mean to type चिड़ियाँ in your final sentence and not चिड़ियाओं? I've never come across चिड़ियाओं before.


Oh thanks! I did mean "चिड़ियाँ". I got a little confused at that moment actually. :)


I wrote "The bird eats apple." Please let me know what wrong i have done.


You need to use an article after 'apple', either 'the' or 'an'. You can refer to this discussion for further help in the usage of articles.


Actually, duolingo stated that "apple" is wrong. "apples" is the right word.


सेब can be either one (apple) or more (apples). In the first case, you need to use an article before 'apple'.
'A/The bird eats an/the apple'
In the second case, you can talk about apples in general (here you won't need any article) or some specific apples (here you need the before 'apples')
'A/The bird eats apples' or 'A/The bird eats the apples'

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