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  5. "Das schmeckt gut."

"Das schmeckt gut."

Translation:That tastes good.

May 12, 2014



I read all of the comments and what is missing from this section is:

Duolingo, please offer all of us learners a tutorial or explanation about how to conjugate "the" and "that" correctly.

Should I use das all the time when I mean that?

September 19, 2014


I am now taking a German class in school; Duolingo and the class really compliment each other. To conjugate 'the' one must memorize the rules. For the nominative case use der, die, and das. For the indefinite articles use ein, eine. For the accusative case (a sentence in which a noun performs a verb and an noun receives that verb or takes its actions) the masculine indefinite article - ein - will become einen. Ex: Ich habe einen Auto. For neuter and feminine nouns in the accusative case I think they don't change form from the nominative case.

As far as I know (for now) das has many meanings. Its meaning can/must be deciphered from the context of the sentence.

When I got up around accusative pronouns on the learning tree I think there might have been a tip about das but not much info. You may be better off surfin the web.

February 9, 2015


I understand that masculine nouns will utilize "einen" in the accusative case, but in your example "Ich habe einen Auto", Das Auto is neuter and would be "Ich habe ein Auto", right? I could say "Ich habe einen Anzug" though since Anzug is masculine I believe.

March 1, 2016


Sorry, but correct is: Ich habe EIN Auto. The car= DAS Auto. A car= EIN Auto. In Accusative case also

May 22, 2019


I have a question not about German but English:), does it have to be "complement" instead of "compliment"?

July 20, 2019


It depends. A “complement” is something that completes something else; it is also a verb meaning ‘to complete something’. Note the e in both words.

In contrast, the word “compliment” is (noun) ‘a polite expression of praise or admiration’, or (verb) ‘to politely congratulate or praise someone for something.’

July 20, 2019


Thanks for answering :) so the both can be right? I think complement makes a lot more sense

July 21, 2019


They mean different things; complement and compliment are not the same. So you have to decide which meaning you want; you can’t just randomly pick one.

It makes a lot more sense where? What sentence are you referring to?

July 23, 2019


Yes, for my experience here i belive so.

January 28, 2015


"It tastes good" is not correct??

May 12, 2014


"Es schmeckt gut" is what I would then prefer.

May 12, 2014


Well, it wouldn't be the correct grammer to use in this sentence. Because you are talking about something in particular.

February 26, 2015



May 16, 2018


The taste is good, is wrong...?

September 22, 2014


That would be "Das schmeckt ist gut"

January 1, 2015


no, you've used two conjugated verbs - you have written 'that tastes (verb) is(verb) good'

To use taste as a noun it is Geschmack

Der Geschmack ist gut = The taste is good

June 10, 2016


Ist gut*, i believe

May 26, 2015


"The taste is good" wrong?? !!! Please someone explain why its wrong?

November 15, 2014


The lack of "ist" means that "schmekt" is a verb, meaning "tastes"

June 23, 2015


Because the subject is Das. The word schmeckt is a verb, not the subject.

March 12, 2019


I learned in German class that conversationally you would simply say, "Das schmeckt," and that "Das schmeckt gut" was redundant. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

April 29, 2015


Can confirm this. Both is possible. Sayin "Das schmeckt" combined with either a positive face or while eating shows that you like what you are eating.

July 23, 2017


What is the difference between "this" and "that" in German? As it suggests another translation would use the two interchangibly.

June 2, 2014


In many cases there is no difference. For "this" you often use the word "dies", but not always in the same way as in English. Example:

  • Das ist meine Freundin (this is my girlfriend, "dies" wouldn't work)

For "that" there is not really a word and you just use the definite article and the context makes the difference:

(talking about Game of Thrones):

  • Hast du das dritte Buch gelesen? (did you read the third book)

(talking about a book I borrowed last week to you):

  • Na, hast du schon das Buch gelesen? (have you already read that book, you could however also use "the" here in English)
June 3, 2014


The noun for taste is Geschmack

Der Geschmack ist gut = The taste is good

June 10, 2016


'Schmekt' here is a verb, right?

November 1, 2014


Again someone does not know English. It tastes good is perfectly good English, and should be used over that in this sentence, its not interchangeable with the German use of Das here. It , this and that can be used for the same, but in this sentence it is better as its taste and food. because tastes is an active verb, it is something you are doing, then you use it here. That would only be correct with taste, as you are pointing to something or referring to something to have a good taste. It or this is bot ok in thin sentence, not that.

December 9, 2014


If schmeckt is a verb, why did it take 'das' ?

October 31, 2015


In this case 'das' does not mean 'the', it means 'that'.

June 10, 2016


Is "schmeckt" always conjugated this way in this sentence? You would never get "schmeckst" right?

May 5, 2016


Not unless you are eating a person whom you know well...

March 12, 2019


The problem is that, everyone is trying to translate from english to german. And that is wrong!

July 10, 2018


Why not "well"?

June 22, 2014


"To taste" has two meanings: to have a taste and to perceive a taste. "Good" is used with the first and "well" with the second.

July 12, 2014


How do you know how to conjugate the verb for "das"? I don't see it on the tables. Is this the standard conjugation for verbs when the subject is "das"?

August 29, 2014


Just use the third-person singular.

November 27, 2014


It tastes good

October 29, 2014


the taste is good is not correct ....then why?

November 13, 2014


Schmecken is a verb, not a noun. There is no noun in the sentence that means "taste" or "flavor"

May 25, 2018


Why not "that one tastes good"?

December 10, 2014


Why can't a translation be, It tastes good?

February 15, 2015


"The taste is good" is.. WRONG ? Why??

February 22, 2015


Again, schmecken is a verb, not a noun. They are not interchangeable.

May 25, 2018


Why isn't it acceptable to say "that tastes good"? I'm really puzzled...

March 26, 2015


It should be. Might have been a typo

May 25, 2018


that tastes good"is not correct if yes then please explain?

October 16, 2015


Is there another way of saying tastes? rembering this is confusing.

October 25, 2015


That tastes good. . Tastes is verb in here. The taste is good ... noune

January 23, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Wow, that sentence was really weird to say. "Schmeckt".. kinda fun, though! =)

    March 2, 2016


    " Das " means "that " so what does "this" means ?

    June 28, 2016


    when i put the cursor on the word schmeckt it says that it means tastes good so what i want to know is why do we put gut is schmeckt means tastes good wouldn't that make the sentence this tastes good good??

    February 6, 2017


    Me too I said : "It tastes good" is not correct ?

    June 13, 2017


    it would not work you must use that

    October 29, 2017


    When should you use "Das" instead of other pronouns, like "es"?

    October 2, 2017


    i wonder this too

    October 29, 2017


    Hello guys i want to read a book in german language. Which book do i have to start for new learner

    December 17, 2017


    Emil und die Detektive is a kids’ novel, but it’s pretty fun.

    July 10, 2018


    I saw a video (wanted adventure on YouTube) and the person lives in Germany and talked about how in German, most people don't say "it tastes good" or "it tastes bad". But instead say "it tastes" or "it doesn't taste". Is this right?

    February 1, 2018



    April 6, 2018


    i write this (this taste good) it is correct

    April 26, 2018


    sorry my mean is tastes no taste (this tastes good)

    April 26, 2018


    every one write (this tastes good) that is correct

    April 26, 2018


    I put 'This tastes good'. It was wrong. I thought Das is either this or that.

    September 7, 2018


    Another option could be "It tastes well".

    October 13, 2018


    No, "To taste" has two meanings: to have a taste and to perceive a taste. "Good" is used with the former and "well" with the latter. There is a group of verbs such as to taste which rely on "sensation" which tells you to use the adjective instead of the adverb.

    eg: It seems good, it looks fine, it smelled wonderful ...

    If you are a native English speaker: the most natural way to say this is correct.

    If you are not a native English speaker: you will be understood if you use tastes well in a sensation defining event but, just keep in mind that it is technically wrong.

    October 20, 2018


    You use “well” to describe how someone does some action, e.g., “He swims well”, or “She writes well.” Saying “... tastes well” is describing some person’s skill or ability for tasting things.

    March 12, 2019


    Es war eine großartige Diskussion

    December 27, 2018


    "That is good tasting" rejected.
    "That is delicious" accepted.


    May 26, 2019


    good is an adjective. A adverb should be used here as well describes the verb tastes

    October 8, 2019
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