"My grandfather has a fish."

Translation:Shicheii łóóʼ bee hólǫ́.

November 11, 2018

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Since the English does not specify that this grandfather is PATERNAL, presumably DL should also accept "Shinálí łóóʼ bee hólǫ́," right? I understand shinálí is pretty vague, counting paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, and paternal aunts/uncles, but used alone it can be taken to mean any of these. Maybe we could specify it's a male by saying "Shinálí hastiin łóóʼ bee hólǫ́", for example?? Of course, DL may be encouraging the default assumption that grandparents are MATERNAL by default, unless otherwise specified, since these are the ones who are the real relatives of the speaker in a matrilineal society...


Shicheii łóóʼ bee hólǫ́. Shima' X bee hólǫ́. But why is Shi X hólǫ́, and Shizheʼe' bee X? not bee hólǫ́?

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I reported as "my answer should have been accepted."


I typed this exactly as far as I can tell - and it says I missed a word - wonderful experience but getting frustrated at program or my keyboard ?


I only filled in the blank for this question, but it accepted " lóó' " as fine for the second word. I have also had sucess spelling the last word " hóló' " on other questions, and it was fine with that. Hope this helps!


So you will accept too' in this answer, but not in others?? What is going on?


It is impossible to get this correct on a standard keyboard. What is the solution?


I can not type out holo, i dont have that lil squiggly line in my alphabet! I can i pass!

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