"Tomorrow is Monday."

Translation:कल सोमवार है ।

November 11, 2018

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Tomorrow is in the future - 'is' is present tense - kindly clarify. Thanks


'Tomorrow is Monday' is a statement of fact about the immediate future. You can use the present tense to talk about those both in English and Hindi.


How do you distinguish "Tomorrow" and "Yesterday", in this context?


Mostly using the tense of the verbs.
कल सोमवार है । - Tomorrow is Monday
कल सोमवार था - Yesterday was Monday
मैंने कल बहुत काम किया - I did a lot of work yesterday
मैं कल बहुत काम करूँगा - I will do a lot of work tomorrow

If there is some scope for confusion, you can use बीता हुआ कल (lit: the कल that is past) for yesterday and आने वाला कल (lit: the कल that is coming) for tomorrow.


We differentiated like this - कल सोमवार है। ( Tomorrow is Monday) कल सोमवार था। (Yesterday was Monday) है - It is used in present tense था - it is used in past tense


Tomorrow is Saturday

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