"You write the menu."

Translation:Kalian menulis menu.

November 11, 2018

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It all makes sense now! Thnx


Where does Kalian come from Kamu? Is it a command form of Kamu?


Kalian is plural "you" like "You all". I think Duolingo has done a piss poor job of communicating this though.


Wait, nothing about the English sentence said the "you" was in plural!


If "kamu/Anda" was marked wrong, it should be reported


Looks like this course is a real minefield full of deliberately sneaky traps. Nothing in the English sentence indicates that this should be plural. Heck, even the translation hint displayed on "You" suggests "kamu" as one of the possible translations! And yet, only the plural form is accepted in the answer ;P DuoLingo, can you please add rocks besides lingots so that we could throw them at the wrongdoers? :q


"You" can be "kamu" (singular), "Anda" (formal singular), or "kalian" (plural).


My Indonesian is very rusty (which is why I thought I'd use DL to refresh it) but I keep finding that vocab I was taught is judged wrong. I learned daftar for menu, it's in the dictionary and FWIW at Google Translate as well. So it should be accepted, just as surat kabar in another exercise should be accepted for newspaper which they're teaching here as koran.
This course needs tidying up, and it needs tips to explain language structures like the other languages have. It also needs to make quite clear right at the beginning of the course that Indonesians use a variety of terms for 'you' depending on the status of the person spoken to, and while they are generally tolerant of learners making mistakes, it pays to learn the respectful terms if you don't want to offend people. Saying kamu to an adult you don't know is just plain rude. My guess is that if you have come to the attention of the police for some reason, addressing them with kamu would only make things worse!


Uww Duolingo needs to edit this too. I'm a former Indonesian speaker and I'll try to give some enlightenment. "Kamu" (casual/informal - used between friends or close acquaintances) and "Anda" (very formal, stiff, and professional) are used to address someone (which is singular) without using his/her name.

Meanwhile "Kalian" and "Mereka" where in English are equal to "They" which use to address plural subjects. "Kalian" is used in a sentence where you address them and speak directly to these group of people, meanwhile "Mereka" is used when you address them, point them out as objects, and when not talking directly to them.

As examples with different context: Suppose there are three persons named Taylor, Ariana, Nicki.

Context 1: I'm talking to these three people directly. "Kalian suka apel" /You like apple/

Context 2: I'm talking about them to someone else. "Mereka suka apel" /They like apple/

Hope this helps


Was it plural? There were no information that I can guess if it is singular or plural...


Is the word anda no longer in use?


I believe anda means "yours" so it wouldn't be applicable here


"Anda" is formal "you" (singular). It doesn't mean "yours". It can mean "your" if it goes after a noun, like in "Kucing Anda" = "Your cat".


instead of menu isnt it daftar makanan?


Kalian: yall ,aku: me, kamu: you


Isn't Kamu way easier to use?


Confused... but that always comes before understanding.


"You" can be "kamu" (singular), "Anda" (formal singular), or "kalian" (plural).


You= kamu, they= mereka, seharusnya kamu menulis menu itu


Kalian means "You group of people" and this is a valid translation, but obviously, nobody is gonna decide to use kalian here without context.


I do. I try to put different possible translations for a sentence to see if they're accepted.


Kamu menulis menu :v


Kamu kamu kamu is my answer. Im in stage 3 learning and another DUO LINGU pitfall i have fallen into. You write the menu.. I translate .. Kamu menulis menu ... and its incorrect. @#$?


Its not plural because it says . YOU WRITE THE MENU. U IS SINGLE ?


You = kamu They = kalian


So kamu and anda are both "you" and kalian is a group of people

Kami- we Kamu- you Mereka- they Anda- you Kalian- you all

Can someone explain when and how these are used? Plural or singular / formal or informal


Everything you listed is correct. Anda is formal and as far as I can tell, rarely used. Kamu is informal and more common, but you're more likely to hear names or titles rather than "Kamu".

Kami and Mereka can be used in formal and informal contexts. Not sure about Kalian.


Kalian = plural (as in multiple people) Kamu = singular (as in one person)


You write the menu


Excuse me, aku dari Indonesia juga bingung kenapa kata You bisa jadi Kalian :')


"You" in Indonesian: "Kalian"=plural (formal & informal) "Kamu"=singular (informal) "Anda"=singular (formal)


How formal is "Anda"?


how was i supposed to know it was kalian instead of kamu


How are we sulposed to know this was a plural adjective?...

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