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  5. "His body is hot."

"His body is hot."

Translation:Tubuhnya panas.

November 12, 2018



Can this mean both hot like the temperature and hot like it's an attractive body?


No, panas refers to heat. Not all meanings of a word translate. To take a taxi would mean to steal it when translated (one of my bahasa errors in Indonesia).


If you're looking for the word for attractive, I'm told cakep is the best , and it works for both men and women. Cantik can be used for women, but I believe it involves a shade of "bimboness" Don't use indah for people, but you can use it for physical features.

"Kamu cakep - kamu punya mata indah"


No. Panas means a person temperature. In Indonesia to say someone is 'hot' we use 'sexy'


Tubuh and badan are same?

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