Czech Language Resources - Cartoons, Vlogs, Documentaries etc


I have been studying Czech for a little while now using Duolingo, Audio Course and other resources. I now would like to start immersing myself into the language. So, any recommendations for the following things?

  1. (children) Cartoons (eg. like Masha and the bears for Russian)

  2. Youtube channels(Educational,Vlogs etc that are NOT about learning czech, so no pod101 etc)

  3. Documentaries

  4. Drama Series

  5. Movies

*Preferably the ones with no english subtitles at all


November 12, 2018


For cartoons, everyone knows and loves Rumcajs

and if you enjoy the cartoons you can read the Original Rumcajs tales by Václav Čtvrtek online

The Jan Kraus chat show is also extremely popular, topical, and usually pretty funny. As he interviews personalities from every field of Czech culture, this would in itself be a kind of total immersion if you were to watch every episode :)

November 13, 2018

Very helpful.., I'll watch both XD Díky moc!!!

November 13, 2018

Není zač, užij si to. I'm sure if you watch enough Kraus you'll soon know more than you ever wanted to know about modern Czech society. And then you can go back to Rumcajs... ;-)

November 13, 2018

From this episode i picked up: Co ze?

November 14, 2018

Thank you all. Very helpful for me :-)

November 13, 2018 have a section where you can test your czech.. ; pretty tough but nice.

December 15, 2018
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