I got the sentence "Ich habe eigene Schuhe." which means I have my own shoes. I thought my was meine so it would be "Ich habe meine shoes." I'm not really sure what eigene is about or how to use it properly in sentences? Does it have other endings like meine/r/n?

July 11, 2012


I think "eigene" translates literally as "own," but in this context it implies "my own." Probably if you said "Du hast eigene Schuhe" it would imply "your own." "Ich habe meine Schuhe" would just mean "I have my shoes."

Also the same thing with "letzten", how do I know when to use letzte, letzter, letzten? Adjectives seem really confusing.

seven.exiles is correct. It's just more precise.

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