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  5. "Mereka berharap saya datang."

"Mereka berharap saya datang."

Translation:They hope that I come.

November 12, 2018



Why isn't "They hope I arrive" accepted. It says datang is come/ arrive..


Still not fixed - I have reported it again (October 2019)


they hope i arrive ................is correct


"They wish I come" should be accepted


Why does datang not have the prefix ber-?


You never say berdatang. Datang in and of its self is an action


Could 'yang' be put in here? As in: 'Mereka berharap yang saya datang."


No that's not possible. Yang means 'the one that/who is...'. In English you say to both 'yang' and 'bahwa' "that", so I understand the question, but in Arabic we also have 2 different words for it, so to me the difference is very clear. Yang gives an explanation or description of a noun (person, thing) mentioned before, where as bahwa explains the previous verb. The house THAT is big= Rumah YANG besar...you are describing the noun (house), so you use yang. I hope THAT the house is big= Saya berharap BAHWA rumah besar...you are describing the verb (hope), so you use bahwa.

I think you are asking whether you can use bahwa in this sentence. I want to know as well, it looks very applicable to me.


Could you say Mereka berharap bahwa saya datang?


datang = arrive not come. So duolingo is wrong here.


I think you will find the word Datang can be translated to a number of English meanings. From: come, come-up, come-in, arrive, come-over, come-on, show-up, come-across, turn-up, immigrate, get around, get trough. are just some of them.


Another translation: "They expect me to come".

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