"Mi delonge alkutimiĝas al tio."

Translation:I have been accustomed to that for a long time.

November 12, 2018

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Why is this "alkutimiĝas" and not "alkutimiĝis"? Wouldn't the former be "am getting used to", rather than indicating that one is already accustomed?


I agree with MarkWootton.


Actually contrary to my previous comment I agree with you and MarkWootton for the preferred translation which is "I have been accustomed to that for a long time."

Another accepted answer (which is the one I entered) is 'I have been getting used to that for a long time', and I feel '-as' works better for that than '-is'.


Because this is something that started in the past and continues into the present. Other examples:
(edit: on further reflection this is a bit more complicated, see the other comments)


"Mi delonge kutimiĝas al tio." Or "Mi delonge alkutimiĝas tion."

But not: "Mi delonge alkutimiĝas al tio."

If you put the "al" as an affix, the whole idea is that it replaces the preposition without an affix. Well, I think so, for the grammar of the sentence.

However, this precise item is for auditive comprehension and the person distinctly said the above-noted sentence.


"Mi delonge alkutimiĝas tion" is an error because -iĝ- doesn't take a direct object.


Ho! Thanks. Tricky.

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