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  5. "Suaminya batuk pilek."

"Suaminya batuk pilek."

Translation:Her husband has a cold.

November 12, 2018



So what does the “batuk” do here? Is this just an expression? That somebody is “cough runny-nose” when they have a cold.


Yes, this is an expression.
A similar expression is "masuk angin", literally "the wind has entered (your body)", meaning something like catching a cold.


"Batuk" is "cough" as a noun or a verb. "Terbatuk" and "Membatuk" (verbs) mean "to cough up". Surprisingly, "Terbatuk-batuk" sometimes means "to sputter". Here is a sample sentence from my dictionary:

"Mobil tua itu terbatuk-batuk dan mati." / "The old car sputtered and stopped."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, such an old car also should wear a face mask :D


Your comments are always very helpful, Ms.Fixer.


Pengucapan pilek Salah BESAR


Again, there is no such thing as A cold. You can have cold. Not A cold. A is a determiner which is not needed here. It means her husband has 1 cold? Can you count cold? No? than you don't need it.


MissPondihehe: As a native English speaker, I would Never say "I have cold"!

I may Be cold, or Feel cold, but if I have mild flu-like symptoms then I'd Definitely say that "I have A cold", as would anyone else in the UK.


As a fellow native English speaker, I can confirm this absolutely. We cannot say "I have cold" it makes no sense at all.

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