"Mengirim santet itu dosa."

Translation:Sending black magic is a sin.

November 12, 2018

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"Casting a spell" is a better interpretation.


The only other translation that could work would be “sending curses is a sin,” but it’s not as good as cast a spell or cast black magic.


Why isn't "Sending that black magic is a sin" a possibility?


What does this mean?


It's a poor translation. Santet is like black magic or witchcraft. And in this context, 'send' is probably better replaced with 'cast'. I think it would be better to say 'casting black magic is a sin.'


Maybe voodoo is more familiar with the Western culture? But 'santet' does not need a doll or something similar. It can be send just through the 'wind' with some requirements such as strands of hair, clippings of nails, and a picture of someone you want to send this 'santet' to.

P/S: You will understand it better if you watch Indonesian horror movies :)


I said nothing about voodoo. Cast is a generic term in english, meaning to throw, literally, but it is used all the time with magic. I guess cast doesn't mean it has to be directed at a specific individual either. Trust me, cast is the word used with magic in English, not "send". Harry Potter/Gandalf/any wizard person doesn't "Send" spells. They cast them. Promise.


Sorry for the misunderstanding but the line on top of the comment implies that I am replying to AlexErdman, not you


Nevertheless I think santet is closer to voodoo in that the caster performs the rite from a distance and sends it with a specific target in mind. It's not the Harry Potter type of magic where the wizards stand across from each other and sling spells in quick succession.


And 'witchcraft' is not accepted. Bye bye my heart


black magic is translated as guna-guna


Can "santet" translate as a "spell"?

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