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  5. "Uncle is not ill."

"Uncle is not ill."

Translation:मौसा बीमार नहीं हैं।

November 12, 2018



Mausa beemar nahi also should be accepted as there's no need to add hai for negative sentences


Nope. While you don't usually need a है for negative sentences, it is necessary to add one here because otherwise the sentence wouldn't have a verb and would be incomplete.


I would like to know how frequently "mausa" is used and by whom. My Indian husband and his family use chacha (father's brother) and mama (mother's brother) or they will simply refer to an older man as "uncle". I am just curious to know who uses "mausa".


Pretty frequently. मौसा is one's mother's sister's husband.


There are some religious and regional differences with kinship terms. People from Muslim or Parsi families or people of Bengali descent often times will use Chacha or Mama for Father's brother or Mother's brother.

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