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"Lesquels ?"

Translation:Which ones?

April 3, 2013



What is the difference between lesquels, lesquelle, lesquelles etc. sound wise?


All are pronouns, not to be confused with "quel, quelle, quels, quelles" which are adjectives.

When they are subject: - lequel: masculine, singular - laquelle: feminine, singular - lesquels: masculine, plural - lesquelles: feminine plural.

When they are objects with construction verb + "de" : - duquel - de laquelle - desquels - desquelles

EX: parler de: - le café duquel je parle est tout nouveau : the café of which I am talking is brand new Note: it is often replaced by "dont": le café dont je parle... (easier usage, invariable)

When they are objects with construction verb + "à" - auquel - à laquelle - auxquels - auxquelles

EX: parler à: - la fille à laquelle je parle est ma fille: the girl to whom I am talking is my daughter Note: it is often replaced by "à qui": la fille à qui je parle... (easier usage, invariable)


Yeah I kinda understand their use but I meant when you hear them how can you tell the difference as it said I got it wrong?


Any answer on: How is pronunciation different between them?


LAquelle - LA

LEquel - LEU (like the English THE)

LESquels, LESquelles - LEH (like the English THEY)


So the fact that this audio could be saying lesquels or lesquelles but only lesquels is a correct answer is a problem, right?


Both "lesquels" and "lesquelles" are correct answers.


my favorite post!


You didn't answer the another part of the question they all sound wise ..how to differnate?


Sound wise, the "quel, quelle, quels, quelles" part is always pronounced [kel]

the first part is exactly pronounced like usual articles:

le = [lə] (re: first A in "again")

la = [lah]

les = [leh]


One of the local wise men suggested this synthesizer site, where you can play sounds over and over with different voices to hear subtle differences: http://www.acapela-group.com/text-to-speech-interactive-demo.html and enter "lesquels, lesquelle, lesquelles"

With French(France) and Alice's voice I can't quite make out the differences. With Margaux (love her wines!) I can pick up a very slight difference with lesquelles (and then replaying Alice I can also pick it up, now that I know what to look for).

Anyway, this synthesizer site has proven useful to me. Hope it helps others as well.


Amazing site! Thx.


There is no lesquelle. Laquelle is the feminine singular. Lequel is the masculine singular.


I tried that site just now and I still hear no difference between the "lequel" or "lesquel"...there or in Duolingo! I listened over and over again! :-(


Can you hear a difference between "the" and "they" ?

If you do, the vowel sound difference between "le" and "les" is the same.


Usually I can...but this time it was more like "eh" and "eh".


Normally, I can hear a difference between "le" and "les".


Look at lesquels in its many forms as a joining of le, la, les with quel (in its many forms). So they sound different in the same way le, la, and les sound different. So LU, LA, LE respectively.


To throw my two cents in, the gender portion, el, elle, including there plural endings els, elles don't get differentiated in the pronunciation, they sound the same at the end

The object tells you the gender.

Its plural state is identified at the beginning, and it sounds the same as le and les when there alone. The les is sounded out as if le, the other and le is lu.


The tips for "Lesquels" give: which (plural, who (plural), and whom (plural). How should I know that "which ones" is the one correct answer? I answered "Who ?" and it was wrong.


What's the difference between lequel/laquelle... etc. and quel/quelle... etc.? I understand the former is a pronoun and the latter is an adjective, but how does that differ in sentences i.e. what are some example sentences?


An adjective is meant to modify a noun (@adding to):

  • "quel jour viens-tu ?" (interrogative sentence)
  • "je ne sais plus quel jour tu viens" (relative clause)
  • "quel idiot!" (exclamative adjective)

A pronoun replaces a noun and has the same functions in a sentence (@pro=for / noun).

  • "laquelle de ces vestes est la tienne ?" (interrogative pronoun)
  • "c'est la veste à laquelle je pense" (relative pronoun)


I think it is really wrong to fail one of the forms, but not the other. They are almost indistinguishable when pronounced, and without context all you can do is to guess


if you want to work on it not to get trapped next time, go to Google/Translate and enter lequel, laquelle, lesquels, or le, la, les, use the loudspeaker and repeat as many time as necessary.


Just a few minutes ago I learned that "lesquels" means : which, which ones, which one. So now I translates the above as "which one" and it is wrong! Why can there not be some consistency?


singular vs plural!

lequel (masc) or laquelle (fem) = which one

lesquels (masc) or lesquelles (fem) = which ones


Like if I have to choose "one" or "ones" can I say "which one" instead of "which ones"


It sounds like one word????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


It is one word where "les" and "quels" are stuck together in French, whereas "which ones" are not.

[deactivated user]

    does Duo deduct points if you forget to put punctuation or does it let it slide?


    Duo ignores punctuations happened with me. Even it gives warning for not using accent characters and doesn't deduct heart it that case.


    then if i say Lesquel? would it mean Which one?


    No, this is not correct:

    • "which" translates to: quel (masc sing), quelle (fem sing), quels (masc plur) or quelles (fem plur)
    • "which one" translates to: lequel (masc sing) or laquelle (fem sing)
    • "which ones" translates to: lesquels (masc plur) or lesquelles (fem plur)


    There is no point asking to write down lequel, lequels etc. when they all sound the same. This is stupid.

    • lequel is LEUH-KEL
    • laquelle is LAH-KEL
    • lesquels and lesquelles are LEH-KEL

    In this exercise, if you manage to hear LEH in the beginning, you are safe, for both the masculine "lesquels" and the feminine "lesquelles" are acceptable.


    it sound the same with and without the s. I CANT READ SOUNDS!


    lequel sounds luh-kel

    lesquels sounds le-kel


    Why is the translation "Whom?" wrong for "Lesquels?"


    "Whom" being the object form of "who", you would need "qui", combined with a preposition to make it an object, like "à qui ?".


    Thanks, not at all obvious when presented with a single word!

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