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  5. "काले कुत्ते"

"काले कुत्ते"

Translation:Black dogs

November 12, 2018



It's a little strange to me that adjectives change from singular to plural as well, but I guess it's useful in the case of "red apples" if you had no other clue if the speaker meant single or plural apples.


Fun fact: Red apple -> लाल सेब Red apples -> लाल सेब


If I may ask, are there any specific adjectives that go after the noun?

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No. Adjectives in Hindi work exactly the same as in English. Attributive adjectives always go before the noun. If an adjective goes after the noun, then it's predicative.

Eg: यहाँ काले कुत्ते हैं - Black dogs are here
यहाँ कुत्ते काले हैं - The dogs here are black

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