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Why am I stuck?

Working on the earliest Food section. Done with section 9, now my only optios is to refresh my knowledge, not move on to another lesson. I've tried to test out, but there is information on the tests I haven't "learned" yet in the lessons. I'd like to go through all the sections. How to I get unstuck from this refresh mode and into a new lesson? Yes, I've graduated with 3 hearts.

I wish this site were a little less complex. Navigation is difficult and I truly can't tell where I am in the larger scheme or if I'm repeating old levels.

July 11, 2012



Okay, I'll try the translate option though it doesn't show up often for me. Mostly I get some short article that's supposed to be funny or doesn't fit at all with anything I've "learned" yet.

I really have no idea what or where these skill points are (like I said, the site confuses me a lot.) I'm just trying to refresh my German at all levels.


Nope, no good. Spent 2 hours translating (I think, this site is so confusing) and still stuck, but thanks for the suggestion.


Isn't there a "Master this lesson" button at the proggress bar? You could try with that.


It's a bug or a temporary problem. Probably due to Duolingo's enormous growth. It is not related to your level or how many hearts you are left or even if you skipped a lesson. This happened to my account too but they solved it after a while. So either wait or contact Duolingo to tell them that they need to unlock a new skill for you since you have mastered all previous skills.

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